Loving ALL of YOU

Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle,

Loving ALL of YOU

Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle Loving ALL of YOU is a series of books and journals derived from the Careforce Lifekeys program Healthy Lifestyle, which has been shown to be effective in improving health in women.[1] 

Written by Michelle Jorna and Elizabeth Hughes, this book and journal series is designed to help you embrace a healthy lifestyle; to start and continue a life long journey of improving your health in every aspect, physically, mentally and spiritually. We are complex beings that God created for an amazing purpose, and it is up to us to be proactive in improving our health!

From our experience in health behaviour change, we have seen the effectiveness of journaling. Recording your progress, goals, setbacks and words of inspiration encourages you on each step of your journey towards achieving your health goals. To do this we recommend the Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle, Loving ALL of YOU Journal.
Book 1 and the Active Journal have just been released and are in stock now. Order your copy here. 

[1] M. Jorna, K. Ball, and J. Salmon, “Effects of a holistic health program on women's physical activity and mental and spiritual health,” Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 2006, 9 (5): 395-401.

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